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Consumer Research

Consultants to Clients for the US Hispanic Market


Established in 1996, specializing in Qualitative Consumer Research and Strategic Planning to service clients for the US Hispanic market.

Expertise developed over many years working in the USA, the Caribbean,
Mexico & Latin America across many different product/service
categories directly for companies and organizations or through their advertising agencies, public relations, and consulting firms.

Clients have found our bilingual and bicultural capabilities to be
most productive, time, and cost-efficient when doing both Hispanic and General Market research; and has led to our growth with Multicultural assignments.

Most work is done through Qualitative Research, but we also do Quantitative projects.

  • Conducted more than 8,000 qualitative sessions
  • Mix is about 65% Qualitative and 35% Quantitative
  • Projects split 60% Hispanic, 20% Multicultural & 20% General Market

We provide turn-key or à la carte Qualitative research services.

For Quantitative projects, we partner with specialized research firms.

Our Fees are determined by the scope of project assignments.

Focus Latino is HUB certified in the state of Texas.



The best research is the result of good planning. Our goal is to work as consultants to our clients and provide the highest Return on Investment made in research by uncovering Insights and making actionable Recommendations that help develop successful marketing and communications programs.

Focus Latino
Focus Latino

Our Challenge

CHANGE is the only marketing constant, reflected in the consumers' changing feelings, attitudes & habits, affected by the market and economic situation, competitors' efforts, and social media's influence.

Brand loyalty is becoming harder to retain due to the multiple options available to consumers and their often more limited disposable income.

This is even more complex in the Hispanic market segment with its broad spectrum of changing consumer profiles (new immigrants, those who arrived years ago and are at different stages of acculturation, and those born in the US retro-acculturating) and for whom word-of-mouth is a primary influence.

To maintain a competitive edge, MARKETING must always keep up with the changing market conditions, and this entails talking to the consumer to identify relevant INSIGHTS that can trigger a different positioning, communications strategy or even a new product idea.

An INSIGHT is not a fact - it is an attitude and/or feeling - and a meaningful INSIGHT is one that results in consumer behavior that culminates in product trial, repeat or increased purchase and brand loyalty.

But identifying INSIGHTS is not easy - it is a CHALLENGE that requires time, patience, open-mindedness, creativity, cultural knowledge and the experience and ability to dig these out of the consumers; and this is how Focus Latino expertise can make a difference!

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